Multi-Head CNC Router

Introduction of 1325 Cabinet CNC Machine:

  • Model:  A1325-4 spindles Cabinet CNC Machine
  • Category: Wood Multiple Spindles CNC Router
  • Brand: APEXTECH
  • Standard Price: $7,760/set
  • Price Range: $7,760-$9,820/set
  • Supply Ability: 15 sets in stock! From JinanAPEX CNC Technology Co., Ltd
  • Payment terms: L/C(Letter of Credit), T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Paypal

A1325-4 Spindles Cabinet CNC Machine with Auto Tool Changer 1530 1325: Pneumatic 4 heads cnc router machine, this three spindles can work one by one automatically, this machine can finish three different work on one board without changing tools. A1325-4 spindles atc wood 3 Axis CNC Router with X, Y, Z axis and three spindles is mainly used for sign making, cabinet door making and popular woodworking, the three spindles can work one by one, not working at the same time, now the 3 Axis CNC Router for sale with affordable price from a professional 3 axis CNC router manufacturer. 

The Most Popular 4 Processes 1325 CNC Wood Router 1325 Cabinet CNC Machine

Features of 1325 Cabinet CNC Machine:

  1. Strong machine structure: T style heavy duty frame, with thick steel, thickness is more than 15mm, after high temperture handle, won’t be defomed Special professional worktable, higher than normal frame, durable and avoid shaking. Strong side support and cross beam with good steel ability, durable and guarantee the precision.
  2. Very practical machine,especially for cabinet door processing: It is a kind of economical ATC machine, because we can change the bits easily by switching the spindles,save time and labor. For most doors, 1 such machine is the best choice. 
  3. High precision components: 
  • Taiwan made rack and pinion transmission.
  • Taiwan made linear rails and blocks,durable,high precision and more stable.
  • Taiwan ballscrews for Z axis.
  • Omron switches, from Japan.
  • Delta servomotors and drivers. (Japanese ones are optional).
  • Air cooling spindles made in China. (Water cooling and Italy HSD spindles are optional).

What makes a 1325 Cabinet CNC Machine to be heavy duty CNC router ?

CNC router table is one kind of wood machine with computer controlling system and a working table, not all of them are called heavy-duty CNC router. 

A heavy duty CNC must have a stronger and stable table bed, suffering long time woodworking and heavy workpieces; A heavy duty CNC must be able to auto-change tools(bits), it should be equipped with ATC Spindle and Auto tool magazine, so that no man assistance needed during long time working for bit-choosing. 

You can do other works and left the CNC works for a long time until finishing the woodwork according to pre-setting; A heavy duty CNC need durable CNC kits meeting the requirements of long time works; These basic three points make a wood machine to be heavy-duty CNC router, and we also call it a ATC CNC Router, which is designed for heavy duty works.


Configuration of 1325 Cabinet CNC Machine:

The Most Popular 4 Processes 1325 CNC Wood Router

1325-4 Spindles ATC CNC Router with Tainwan LNC controller

The Most Popular 4 Processes 1325 CNC Wood Router

1325-4 Spindles ATC CNC Router with Tainwan LNC controller

The Most Popular 4 Processes 1325 CNC Wood Router

Auxiliary Pusher

The Most Popular 4 Processes 1325 CNC Wood Router

Control Box

The Most Popular 4 Processes 1325 CNC Wood Router

DongRong Big Power Servo Driver

packing and shipping with wooden box

Exporting Box of the CNC Machine

Parameters of 1325 Cabinet CNC Machine:

1X,Y,Z working area1300*2500*200mm
2Drive and motorStepper motor/driver; yaskawa servo motor/driver

3kw/4.5kw/6kw watercooling spindle

4InverterDelta frequency inverter
5Control systemNCstudio/ Mach3/DSP controller
6X, Y, Z Travelling Positioning Accuracy±0.05/300mm
7X, Y, Z Travelling Repositioning Accuracy±0.05mm
8FrameBig thickened Steel Square Tubes, thickness up to 8mm
9X, Y structureRack and pinion, Hiwin square rails on X, Y axis
10Z structureTaiwan TBI Ballscrew, Hiwin square rails on Z axis
11Max Rapid Travel Rate30,000mm/min
12Max working speed18,000mm/min
13Working voltageAC220V/380V, single/three phase
14Command languagesG code
15Running Environment  Temperature0 degree – 45 degree
16SoftwareType3 English version; Artcam English version
17Net weight1350KGS
18Gross weight1550KGS
19Relative Humidity30% – 75%
20GuaranteeOne year from the date of commission


Optional Accessories

Rotary system

Mist-cooling system

Dust collector/ Dust hoods for three axis

Vacuum pump

850w Yaskawa/800W Panasonic Servo motors

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