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1325 Multi Spindles CNC Router with Pneumatic System

This multi spindle CNC router with four spindles, it can realize the function of the ATC CNC router without high purchase cost. So this multi spindle machine is the best choice for users with large production volume and limited budget.

  • Model:                             APEXTECH  1325-4 Spindles
  • Category:                       ATC CNC Router
  • Brand:                              APEXTECH
  • Standard Price:             USD 6,600
  • Price Range:                   USD 6,600 – USD 9,800 
  • Warranty:                        1.5 year
  • Delivery Time:                15 working days
  • Supply Ability:                30 SET/ MONTH
  • Payment Terms:             T/T 30% in advance and the balance paid before shipping
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Table of Contents


  1. Four air-cooled spindles, these spindles can change automatically during working according your file.
  2. Hiwin/TBI square guide rails and rack transmission.
  3. Vacuum table with T-slot (Clamps) table, more convenient for woodworking.
  4. Machine with 5.5kw or 7.5kw vacuum pump.
  5. Four spindles change automatically, many times increases productivity.
  6. Heavy Reliable steel frame, six lag more stable.
  7. The lubrication system ensures the stability of mechanical parts.
  8. DSP control system, easy and convenience operate.
  9. Machine with dust collector let the workshop cleaner during working.
  10. Breakpoint memory, can continue to work after power off & breaking tool cutter.

1325 Multi Spindles CNC Router with Pneumatic System 1325 Multi Spindles CNC Router with Pneumatic System

What's the Application of this1325 Multi-Spindles CNC Router can Do ?

Application: Wood furniture Industry, Furniture decoration, music instrument, wooden arts and crafts, large scale board engraving, solid wood furniture, solid wooden mural, composite door, free-paint door, cabinet doors, advertising industry, Die industry, Relief sculpture, toy production, bedside cupboard, screen sculpture etc.

Materials: Woods, acrylics, artificial stones, artificial marble, bamboos, organic boards, double-color board, PVC board, aluminum, brass and other materials.

top quality ballscrew with solid cnc router machine frame servo motor and auto feeding system automatic tool sensor

Details & Images:


Working area1300*2500mm1500*3000mm2000*3000mm
Z feeding300mm
Type of table coverVacuum table with T-slot
Vacuum pump5.5kW/7.5kw air cooling
X Y axis transmissionHiwin square guide rails + rack
Z axis transmissionBall screw and square guide rails
Max.   Rapid Travel Rate33000mm/min
Max.   Working Speed25000mm/min
Command CodeG code * .u00 * .mmg * .plt
Operating voltageAC 380V/50Hz
Spindle powerHQD 3.5kw / 4.5kw / 6.0kw
Spindles2/3/4 spindle
Type of coolingAir cooling
Spindle Speeds0-24000rpm/min
Drive motor typeStepper motor and driver (servo motor is option)
operating systemDSP
Dust CollectorDouble bags
Lubrication systemYes
Sensor for positioning the cutterYes
Supported softwareArtcam software, Type3 software
Operating conditionsHumidity: 30% -75%, temperature: 15 – 45 degree
Warranty1.5 year

4 Air cooling spindle pneumatic cnc router Best Economical Pneumatic ATC CNC Router with 3 Axis Best 1325 Economical Pneumatic ATC CNC Router with 3 Axis

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Rated 5 out of 5

Yes, you are right, this lathe machine is very powerful, it is processing the wood table legs now.
I hope i can make more samples later, Great.

Mr. Gaber
Rated 5 out of 5

Thank you for helping me choose this processing machine that suits me best. Now that I have received the machine, I hope I can work with the machine delightedly.

Rated 5 out of 5

The 1390 laser machine cnc works perfectly, i am happy with it, thank you apex cnc team.

Rated 5 out of 5

We just bought the 1516-2 wood lathe machine for our musical instruments work, the work effect is very marvelous, we are all very satisfied with the lathe machine, thank you for APEX CNC Team!

Rated 5 out of 5

We bought the 1530-1 CNC Machine from apex cnc, Mary’s after-sales service is very good, she helps me a lot. The machine working, so far, so good, no more problems, thank you, Mary.

Rated 5 out of 5

We just received the 2030-1 cnc router, and Mary sent me all the files installation instantly. by now, all the service and woodworking effect are perfect. Thanks Mary.

Rated 5 out of 5

I like the 1325-3 spindles cnc router, best ever suitable to my wood furniture processing, very efficiency. so if you are the one want doing furniture business, I recommend this model, economical and good working.

Rated 5 out of 5

We bought the 1530 single axis wood cnc lathe, that’s amazing, it has largely improved our working speed, and this is the best choice for the stair case making, i love it!


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