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2030/2040 Acrylic Cutting Machine ATC Wood CNC Router:

2030/2040 Acrylic Cutting Machine has a stronger machine frame and is equiped with auto tool changer and auto feeding device, this design is mainly for high efficiency. This heavy duty cnc router pickes up bits on pre-settings, complete complex wood working without man stand nearby.

  • Model                                APEXCNC 2030/ 2040 LATC
  • Working area                   2000*3000*200mm 
  • Spindle                               9kw HQD Air Cooling Spindle 
  • Control system                Taiwan LNC 2200 
  • Motor and driver             Leadshine 1.3kw servo motor 
  • Limit switch                       Japan OMRON limit switch 
  • Reducer                              New gear reducer 
  • Lubrication system          Automatic lubrication
  • Category: ATC Wood Cnc Router Machine
  • Brand: APEXTECH
  • Price Range: $12,970-$20,290/set
  • Payment terms: L/C(Letter of Credit), T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Paypal

2030/2040 Acrylic Cutting Machine ATC Wood CNC Router:

What Is Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)?

ATC is refer to automatic tool changer. ATC CNC router is a type of CNC machine with automatic tool changer spindle, the spindle usually carries tools magazine of 6 cutters or 8 cutters or 10 cutters or 12 cutters. The CNC router tools can automatically change according to the working requirements when the CNC router ATC works, no need of manual operation, which will improve the working efficiency greatly. There are two types ATC CNC machines, which include linear ATC CNC router and Disc ATC CNC router. 

2030/2040 Acrylic Cutting Machine CNC machining center is equipped with tool change magazine of 12 tools to improve the working efficiency. All the CNC machining tools can be changed automatically in the working process. 

Features of 2030/2040 ATC Acrylic Cutting Machine:

4x8 feet Linear ATC CNC Wood Router for sale with affordable price Acrylic Cutting Machine ATC CNC Router

1. Spindle —-Italy HSD 9Kw spindle (Different brands can be selected according to customer’s requirements.) 2. SYNTEC control system——It is from Taiwan with high performance and competitive price 
3. Delta servo motor and drives—-They are from Taiwan with high precision and long life 
4. HIWIN linear guide —— made from Taiwan,used for linear reciprocating stadium 
5. TBI Ball screw from Taiwan——high precision and long life 
6. Automatic Tool Calibration —–To guide rail and slide block , make it run better 
7. Schneider electrical components —–original brand from France 
8. Japanese Omron Switch ——- long life 
9. SHIMPO Reducer from Japan—-More powerful and higher precision

What a 2030/2040 Acrylic Cutting Machine Can Do?

2030/2040 Acrylic Cutting Machine can do everything that its corresponding basic machine can do:

2030/2040 Acrylic Cutting Machine is a 3 Axis CNC Router, it is a basic 3 axis CNC wood router + automatic system + stronger frame + more quality CNC kits. You can also upgrade it to be a 4 Axis ATC or ATC + Rotary. The upgrade all depends on your needs. 

The reason we use it is for high efficient work without manual tool management. The automatic system for tool and feeding saves a lot of our time. Because it is a single machine, not a production line, the step of lifting workpieces to the table still needs our operation. If you don’t need a production line and want to make it easier, please consider a piece of extra lifting equipment. 

2030/2040 Acrylic Cutting Machine is good at complex processes and long time work, such as: 

  1. Woodworking industry,Wooden door, furniture and decoration; Wooden crafts making; Redwood carving, Archaized furniture.Also can used in other industry.
  2. Advertising industry, double face board and scutcheon, department brand, chest brand and the architecture board, ABS brand, the engraving and cutting of acrylic and the engraving of many jade article.
  3. Electronic: electro circuit, insulation materials, LED screen, family appliance shell and model carving.

What makes a 2030/2040 Acrylic Cutting Machine to be heavy duty CNC router?

CNC router table is one kind of wood machine with computer controlling system and a working table, not all of them are called heavy-duty CNC router. 

A heavy duty CNC must have a stronger and stable table bed, suffering long time woodworking and heavy workpieces; A heavy duty CNC must be able to auto-change tools(bits), it should be equipped with ATC Spindle and Auto tool magazine, so that no man assistance needed during long time working for bit-choosing. 

You can do other works and left the CNC works for a long time until finishing the woodwork according to pre-setting; A heavy duty CNC need durable CNC kits meeting the requirements of long time works; These basic three points make a wood machine to be heavy-duty CNC router, and we also call it a ATC CNC Router, which is designed for heavy duty works.

9kw Air coolent spindle atc cnc router atc cnc router auto pusher atc cnc router High-quality wires

Details & Images of 2030/2040 Acrylic Cutting Machine ATC Wood CNC Router:


1X,Y,Z Working Area2000x3000x200mm
2Table Size2200×3540mm
3X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy±0.05/300mm
4X,Y,Z Repositioning Accuracy±0.05mm
5Table SurfaceVacuum and T-slot Combined (Option: T-slot table)
6FrameWelded structure
7X, Y StructureRack and Pinion Drive, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings
8Z StructureHiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw
9Max. Power Consumption(Without Spindle) 4.5kw
10Max. Rapid Travel Rate32000mm/min
11Max. Working Speed18000mm/min
12Spindle Power9.0KW
13Spindle Speed0-24000RPM
14Drive MotorsYaskawa servo
15Working VoltageAC 380V/50/60Hz,3PH
16Command LanguageG Code
17Operating SystemSyntec Control System
18Computer InterfaceEnthernet
19Flash Memory256M
21X,Y Resolution<0.03mm
22Software CompatibilityType3/UcancameV9 software (Option: Artcam software)
23Running Environment Temperature0 – 45 Centigrade
24Relative Humidity30% – 75%
25Packing Size4250x2250x2100mm
28Optional Parts3.8KW HSD Auto Spindle
Dust Collector
Vacuum Pump
Rotary System
Mist-cooling System
HSD Boring Unit

atc cnc router with Pulley feeding device atc cnc rotuer automatic tool SensorProfessional design for easy tool adjustment Side pulley for easy loading Wood Mdf plate atc cnc router packing and shipping with wooden box packing and shipping with wooden box

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