5 Axis CNC Router

5 Axis CNC Ply Cutter Router Machine:

What is the 5 axis CNC Router Machine?  

5 Axis CNC Router is one kind of 5 Axis CNC Machine, it is able to carve on a workpiece in five different faces simultaneously. Same as other CNCs, 5 axis router’s basic machining operates is on 3 primary axes of X, Y, Z; however, it can rotate its tools by two additional axes, A and B, which helps carving-tools get more proper and close to the surface of workpieces, avoid interference. 5 Axis CNC Router has the advantages of high machining accuracy and is specially used for the machining of complex curved surface workpieces. At present, it is the only means to solve the processing of impellers, blades, marine propellers, large diesel engine crankshafts, etc. It plays an important role in the aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical equipment, and other industries. Most 5 Axis CNC Router is used for 5 axis wood carving machine, some suppliers offer a kind of 5 axis router with table moving and rotating, it is also a good choice in some occasion.

What Are The Advantages of 5 Axis CNC Machining? 

The use of the five-axis linkage machine tool makes it easy to clamp the workpiece. No special fixtures are needed during processing, which reduces the cost of fixtures, avoids multiple clampings, and improves the accuracy of mold processing. Using five-axis technology to process molds can reduce the number of fixtures used. In addition, because the five-axis linkage machine tool can save many special tools in the processing, so the cost of the tool is reduced. The 5-axis linkage machine tool can increase the effective cutting edge length of the tool during processing, reduce the cutting force, increase the tool life and reduce the cost.

Using five-axis linkage machine tool to process the mold can quickly complete the mold processing, fast delivery, better guarantee the processing quality of the mold, making mold processing easier, and making mold modification easy. In traditional mold processing, a vertical machining center is generally used to complete the milling of the workpiece. 

Configuration of 5 Axis CNC Ply Cutter Router Machine

  1. Ability to work on a piece of material in one single run. This reduces the set up time that is needed when a job takes several runs to complete. Having to only set up the job once saves you time and in turn saves your company money. 
  2. Provides a high level of flexibility and versatility. Having the ability to machine on more axis can help improve production of current jobs as well as create opportunities to diversify products and offerings. 
  3. Shorter cutting tool size. Due to the fact that the cutting head on the machine can be lowered towards the material being cut. 
  4. Increased accuracy and quality of cuts. Having five axis increases the tool’s range of movement, and as a result it is able to more accurately cut a design or job. 
  5. Competitive advantage. The 5 axis machining center provides a competitive advantage for your company. Investing in the latest technology allows your company to stay ahead of the game in the ever changing and dynamic market.

5 Axis CNC Ply Cutter Router Machine

5 Axis CNC Router Hobby CNC Machine

  1. Each axis is with independent driver,totally 5 independent drivers for 5 axis, bring high accuracy, speedy heat dissipation, longer using life, stable and efficient signal transmission. 
  2. Support USB connection, easy to operate. 
  3. Free test G-code is provided. 
  4. Larger step motor for A and B axis,which can hold the A,B axis steady without vibration when machining aluminum and other harder materials. 

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