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APEX-SYSK has been dedicated to the research and development of CNC machine for many years. Even under the background of a global pandemic, our CNC wood router still achieved good sales result. The best-selling CNC machines in 2021 includes the CNC router machine, cnc lathe machine , gemstone carving cnc router, stone cutting machine, etc. 

This article summarizes the best-selling CNC machines types in the first half-year of 2021. It includes a brief introduction of each type of CNC machine for sale and real feedback from customers. All these best-selling CNC machines generally cover the CNC woodworking and CNC stoneworking aspects. If you are planning to buy a CNC machine, you can read this article to learn about our best-selling models. If it happens that a certain machine can meet your requirements, don’t hesitate to inquire.

Best-selling APEX-SYSK Buy CNC machine for Sale

APEX-SYSK sells multiple types of CNC machines for CNC woodworking and stoneworking industries. The best-selling types include ATC Wood CNC Router, Multiple-heads CNC routers, CNC stone carving, cnc stone cutting, etc. An increasing number of customers are now willing to trust us and buy our machines. We also received many customer reviews and feedback. Our aim is to provide high-quality CNC equipment to meet customers’ demands and solve their problems. Now below are our 4 kinds most popular cnc machines.

1325 atc cnc router machine

1325 Carousel CNC Router Price Wood Machine has a stronger machine frame and is equiped with auto tool changer and auto feeding device, this design is mainly for high efficiency. This 1325 Carousel CNC Router Price Wood Machine pickes up bits on pre-settings, complete complex wood working without man stand nearby.

1325 Carousel ATC CNC Router Price Wood Machine With Carousel Auto Tool Changer Magazines: ATC CNC Router entry-level CNC Routers standard features include a 12 HP HSD high frequency automatic tool changer spindle with an 8-10 Position tool holder rack(in linear type or rotary carousel type, multi-zone vacuum t-slot table combination, and material placement stops and are manufactured using global state-of-the-art techniques with all steel construction.

Application of 1325 Carousel CNC Machine:

  1. Woodworking Industry: Stereo wave board processing, wooden door, cabinet making and other furniture production.
  2. Advertising Industry: Label making, PVC plate, PCB board (drilling and engraving), double color boards, logo production, acrylic cutting, plastic suction for making advertising dedication, word cutting, sign making, crystal word, LED display screen, doorplate, nameplate, etc.
  3. Mold Industry: Wood mold, foam mold and metal mold, etc.
  4. Musical instrument industry: Instrument 3D surface carving, shape cutting
  5. Woodcrafts.
  6. Exhibition industry: Showcase. 

buy cnc machine samples buy cnc machine samples

cnc lathe machine for turning wood cnc lathe machine for turning wood

The fully automatic loading and unloading wood lathe machine has the functions of car shape, pull twist, milling thread slot, hollowing out, engraving, etc. The automatic loading and unloading woodworking lathe uses the numerical control system to control the turning tool to process the surface of the rotating workpiece without changing the turning tool. Frequent debugging, automatic processing of wood according to design drawings, fully automatic loading and unloading woodworking lathes are widely used in furniture manufacturing, architectural decoration, handicraft production and other fields.cnc lathe machine for turning wood samples

1.Bigger working table for 2D mass produced
2.Dust cap,more quieter and more clean
3.Technology of Water Cooling spindle,more effectively 
4.with LED inside,you wouldn’t miss any details
5.oil hand pump,more durable 
6.Handle controller system easy to operate
7.The best frequency changer,more secure, more stable
8.Four pulleys at the bottom,easy to move

Best selling stone cnc machines engrave glass engraving machine metal cnc router mini 3d crystal laser subsurface engraving machine, Compatible with cut 2D, cut 3D, such as jade,stone, bone,metallic materials, wood, plastic ( ABS, acrylic ),  sign making,art crafts,molding tool, etc.

Cnc Gem Carving, Mini Jade Carving Machine, Mini Router for Gems, Cnc Jade Carving Tool, Cnc Gemstone Cutting Tool, Gem Cnc Machine, Gem Engraving Machine, Jade Carving Machine, Stone Carving Machine, Stone CNC Machines.

gemstone carving cnc router

Applications of Gemstone Carving CNC Router:

  1. Stone Industry: stone, ink-stone cutting, tomb stone, jade and marble products. 
  2. Kitchenware Industry: man-made marble cabinet table surface. 
  3. Artwork Decoration Industry: wood crafts, gift box, jewelry box and other exquisite art crafts. 
  4. Woodworking Industry: chair, door, window, bed, cabinet, kitchenware, redwood classical and antique furniture, exquisite european furniture, sculpture. 
  5. Mold Industry: copper, aluminum, building models, shoes, badge, embossed mould, biscuit, candy, chocolate mould, artificial marble, plastic, PVC, wood, foam. 
  6. Advertising Industry: billboard, signage, badges, logo, company plate, signs, emblem, badge, display panels, fair signs, building numbers, decoration, 3D character. 

gemstone carving cnc router gemstone carving cnc router gemstone carving cnc router

jade stone cutting machine jade stone cutting machine

SH400 Jade Wire Cutting Machine is a wire cutting machine specially developed for jade/crystal gemstone cutting. We use 0.33-0.45mm emery wire cutting to save material and protect the stone material, and the cutting effect is flat and smooth, which is 5 times of saving stone material than water cutting/oil cutting. Mini body, fully enclosed workbench design, very clean and environmentally friendly, with low noise, very suitable for personal studios, family workshops, factories, etc. 

Using a self-developed handle operating system, the operation is simple and convenient, and it can be learned in 20 minutes. The specially developed counterweight tightening method is adopted, the tensioning force is stable and reliable, the precision is higher, and no air compressor is required. jade stone cutting machine jade stone cutting machine

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