CNC Wood Router Machine to Make Furniture Cabinet Doors

How to make cabinet doors has always been a hot topic for carpenters and cabinet door making factories. Because cabinetry has been an indispensable part of home decoration all the time. Whether for kitchen cabinets or bedroom closets, aesthetics and practicality have always been what people are chasing for. The beauty of cabinets is mainly reflected in the design of the cabinet doors, because there are plenty of styles in cabinet door making. If you are a cabinet door making manufacturer, in the face of surging orders, have you ever thought of using CNC machines to make cabinet doors? If yes, do you know what CNC machines you should use to make cabinet doors?

This article will briefly introduce how to make cabinet doors with CNC machines, and recommend a cabinet door making production solution. What’s more, it introduces the steps of how to build cabinet doors.

Machines used in how to make cabinet doors

In recent years, customized cabinet furniture has become a buzzword, which has also led to the increasing popularity of automatic tool changer CNC router. It enables the furniture factory no longer rely on workers and can be better improve management, so automatic tool changer CNC routers make furniture production more simplistic.

Some furniture manufacturers focus on produce cabinet body and some focus on cabinet doors, sure, the bigger manufacturers can do all the parts of cabinets themselves.

APEXCNC will tell you how to make cabinet doors by automatic tool changer, Including how to do design by auto nesting software, how does the CNC router working etc.

The video above shows the whole process for making cabinet doors by APEX 1325 CATC CNC router,of course, the ATC CNC router can be replaced by another CNC machine, such as penumatic ATC CNC router or economical CNC router.

Step 1 of What kind of wood do you use to make cabinet doors: selecting material

The first thing to consider for how to build cabinet doors is to select materials. Today we are discussing how to build cabinet doors with wood, so there will be no further details on how to build cabinet doors of metal, glass and other materials.

Wood cabinet doors usually adopt materials like solid wood, particle board, melamine board, plywood, MDF, etc. Cabinet doors made of different materials have different characteristics. You may select the materials according to your production needs or customer requirements.

1325 cnc Wood Router Machine China Stylecnc Wood machine manufacture
1325 Carousel Auto Tool Changer CNC Wood Router

1325 Heavy Duty cnc router adopts automatic tool changer spindle with tool magazine of 12 cutters, the tools can automatically change to fit different works according to your requirements. It has a stronger machine frame and is equiped with auto tool changer and auto feeding device, this design is mainly for high efficiency. This heavy duty cnc router pickes up bits on pre-settings, complete complex wood working without man stand nearby.

1530 Liner Auto Tool Changer furniture Beds CNC Woodworking Cutter Router
1530 Liner ATC Wood CNC Router Machine

1530 Affordable Linear/Disc ATC CNC Router withAuto Tool Changer is mainly used in furniture making industry, furniture decoration industry, wood craft industry, wood decoration industry, automotive tooling industry, solid wood furniture, classical furniture, decoration material, door cabinets, wooden kitchen furniture, wood materials and other materials processing such as Aluminum, Acrylic, MDF, PVC. 

Step 2 of how to make cabinet doors: designing, carving, cutting

Once selecting the material, you can start the cabinet door making. In this step to build cabinet doors, I recommend a CNC router for cabinet door designing, cutting and engraving.

Workflow of using 1325 ATC cnc router center to make furniture cabinet doors

#1: Design cabinet door patterns

You can use the CNC router software to make designs for custom cabinet doors. There are two types of CNC router software used in this process, i.e. CAD and CAM. CAD software is to turn the cabinet door style in your mind into a digital drawing. And then import the CAD drawing into the CAM software. The CAM software will automatically generate a G code and transmit the G code to the controller of the 1325 linear ATC cnc router.

#2: Load a wood panel onto the worktable Select a smooth and flawless wood panel and load it onto the worktable of the machining center. The machine center has automatic loading assistance rollers, which helps with the panel loading. The full vacuum table is capable for securing the panel firmly.

#3: Start the cnc router machine. After completion of the design and loading process, start the machine center to make cabinet doors. The subsequent engraving and cutting work is achieved automatically by the machining center automatically, so you can just monitor the machining process. The high automation degree significantly increases the cabinet door making efficiency.

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