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CNC Wood Router

Best CNC Wood Router

What is a CNC Wood Router?

CNC wood router is a type of wood CNC machine with Computer Numerical Controlled for smart 2D/3D cutting, carving, routing, milling, drilling and grooving on most popular woodworking, including wood crafts, wood arts, wood signs, cabinet making, wood door making, wood gifts, wood toys, wood modeling, wardrobe and other wood furniture production. A CNC wood router is composed of CNC controller, frame, gantry, spindles, CNC operating system, CNC software, driver, motor, ball screw, guide rail, T-slot table or vacuum table, vacuum pump, power supply, limit switch, collet, rack and pinion. A CNC wood router is also known as wood CNC machine, wood CNC router, woodworking CNC router, woodworking CNC machine, wood CNC carver, wood CNC engraver, wood CNC cutter, wood CNC table, CNC wood machine, CNC wood table, CNC wood engraver, CNC wood carver, CNC wood cutter, CNC wood routing machine, CNC wood carving machine, CNC wood cutting machine, CNC woodworking machine, CNC router for woodworking, CNC woodworking tool, computer numerical controlled wood router, computer-controlled wood router, C and C wood router. 

What is a Wood CNC Router Used For?

CNC wood routers are widely used in industrial manufacturing, small business/small shop, home business/home shop, school education and hobbyists. 

  1. Furniture making: Cabinet making, door making, home doors, cabinet doors, cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, table legs, spindles, screens, corners, headboards, antique furniture, art furnitures, office furnitures, wood furnitures, MDF projects, wood arts, wood crafts, composite gates, wave plate making. 
  2. Advertising industry.
  3. Die industry. 
  4. Hollow woodworking. 
  5. Relief sculpture woodworking. 
  6. Cylinders woodworking. 
  7. 3D woodworking. 
  8. Sign making. 

How Many Types of Wood CNC Machine?

  1. Types of Table: Mini/Small CNC wood router, 2×3 CNC wood router table, 2×4 CNC wood router table, 4×4 CNC wood router table, 4×6 CNC wood router table, 4×8 CNC wood router table, 5×10 CNC wood router table, 6×12 CNC wood router table. 
  2. Types of Application: Home CNC wood router machine, Benchtop/Tabletop/Desktop CNC wood router machine, 3D CNC wood router machine, Hobby CNC wood router machine, Industrial wood CNC machines. 
  3. Types of Axis: 3 axis CNC wood router, Rotary axis/4th axis CNC wood router, 4 axis CNC wood router, 5 axis CNC wood router. 

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CNC Wood Router

Multi-spindles 4×8 CNC Router is mainly designed for changing tools easily while it is working. For example, when you make a workpiece by two, three or four tools to make different patterns, the Multi-spindles CNC Router can short the time of adjusting and checking the tools. After turning on the CNC router machine and once adjusting the tool, the CNC router machine can complete all the work absolutely at the same time and you can choose a horizontal side spindle to process keyhole slot, which can increase the accuracy and the additional time Separated Multi-Spindles 4×8 CNC Router, the power and quantity of the spindle and motor can be properly increased, because each motor has its own drive current with strong cutting effect and adjust tools conveniently. 

Best Economical Pneumatic ATC CNC Router with 3 Axis:  This 1325 Best Economical Pneumatic ATC CNC Router with 3 Axis is 4 processes CNC router machine, which is suitable for the processing requirements of changing a variety of tools. No manual tool change is required during the machining process, and the program is automatically executed.

1325 Multi Spindles CNC Router Machine with Pneumatic System:  This multi spindle CNC router with four spindles, it can realize the function of the ATC CNC router without high purchase cost. So this multi spindle machine is the best choice for users with large production volume and limited budget.

4 Heads ATC CNC Woodworking Machine with Horizontal Spindle:  1325-4 Heads ATC CNC automatic woodworking machine is mainly for heavy-duty wood carving and drilling works. Automatic changing and managing many bits guided by pre-settings, drilling holes very quickly, and saving more time than other automatic woodworking machines.

The Most Popular 4 Processes 1325 CNC Wood Router:  A1325-4 Spindles ATC 3 Axis Furniture Engraving Wood CNC Router with Auto Tool Changer 1530 1325: Pneumatic 4 heads cnc router machine, this three spindles can work one by one automatically, this machine can finish three different work on one board without changing tools. A1325-4 spindles atc wood 3 Axis CNC Router with X, Y, Z axis and three spindles is mainly used for sign making, cabinet door making and popular woodworking, the three spindles can work one by one, not working at the same time, now the 3 Axis CNC Router for sale with affordable price from a professional 3 axis CNC router manufacturer. 

A1325-3 Spindles ATC 3 Axis Furniture Engraving Wood CNC Router with Auto Tool Changer: This is a newly designed multi-spindle CNC router with three spindles, which better meets the requirements of users. With the advantages of high cost performance, low cost and high production efficiency, this type of multi spindle CNC router is deeply loved by users at home and abroad.

Multi 3 Spindles 4th Axis Woodworking Machinery with Rotary Device: This multi head CNC router with three spindles, which can work independently to promote the working efficiency. And the amount of spindle can be customized according to your processing requirements.

A2030SATC-3 Aircooling Spindles Auto CNC Machines Woodworking Machinery:  A2030satc 3 aircooling spindles cnc machine 6.56×10 ft used for wood doors, cabinets, furnitures, decorations, tables, chairs and windows: 3d Wood CNC Router, 6.56×10 ft wood CNC engraving machine is used for wood doors, cabinets, furnitures, decorations, tables, chairs and windows. now the best wood CNC router for sale with affordable price.

B2030IZ-2 heads Two Spindle 1325 1530 CNC Router Machine:  2030-2 heads cnc router machine for door furniture making with affordable cheap price,now buy with the discount, 6.56×10 feet Cnc router 3d carving woodworking cutting machine for nonmetal and metal.

4 axis Multi-head 2030 CNC Router with Rotary Device: Like 2030-2 Spindles CNC Router, this multi-head CNC router can engrave the material with 2 different tools. And the machine was designed with a rotary device to engrave both plate and cylinder.  And it can cut two work pieces at the same time to reach the same effect. What’s more, this wood CNC machine could mirror-sculpture (same engraving path, but in opposite directions) by changing the cables, which is widely used for door making.

C1530SM-6 Spindles Automatic Wood Engraving CNC Router: 6 heads CNC woodworking machine is specially designed for customers who require large quantities and small parts processing, it is suitable for processing cabinet doors, artistic relief screens, craft windows, relief craft gifts, solid wood art murals, woodworking calligraphy carvings, art photo frames, electrical countertops, sporting goods Equipment, violin arc, non-ferrous metal carving/cutting and some other industries. 

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I like the 1325-3 spindles cnc router, best ever suitable to my wood furniture processing, very efficiency. so if you are the one want doing furniture business, I recommend this model, economical and good working.

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We bought the 1530 single axis wood cnc lathe, that’s amazing, it has largely improved our working speed, and this is the best choice for the stair case making, i love it!


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