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Factory Service-Customers Visit Us

In September 6,2018, Mr.Dudley and Dario from South Africa came to test their Nesting ATC cnc machine which purchased last month.The first day they mainly check the cnc machine working.The boss Mr.Dudley is very satisfied with our machine details.The second day 9.7 Mr.Dario came alone to our factory for cnc machine training.He is a very wisdom engineer and learn very fast about the machine.He said it is very easy to operate.

Thanks for our dear customer visit and trust.We believe that we will have more and more cooperation in the future.

— Mr. Dudley

In May 17th,2017, Mr.Mark and his colleague Mr.Paul from UK came to visit our factory in Jinan city. Even they are selling USA machine now,but they spoken highly of our machine.They mainly checked our auto loading machine and common Siemens ATC cnc machine.They are very amazing about our smart and professional design,and also give some good suggestions. We had a really nice meeting.After back UK,they will start to planning an order sample cnc machine with Siemens system.We believe that we will have a good and long cooperation.

— Mark Stuart

In July 5st,2018, Mr.Steve from Australia came to visit our factory in Jinan city. He is very interested in our Siemens ATC CNC Router machines and plasma machine. Mr.Steve is planning to sell our machines in Australia.And he also record a video to introduce our machine to his customer.He only want high quality machine so that to have long term business.That is the true business way.And Mr.Steve said will get the first order soon.We believe that we will have a long good cooperation.

— Mr. Steve

December 18th, 2013 to December 20th, Mr. TAŞKAYA came to China  to visit our company, he talked with our engineer and international  seller about the CNC woodworking machines. We mainly showed him the ATC machine how to run and made some samples for him. He is very satisfied with CNC router and our factory, and spoken highly of  our machine quality and production capacity. At last,we preliminarily reached a cooperative agreement.


On April 26th , 2017, Mr. John & Mr. Hernan from Colombia visited our factory about Plasma cutting machine. Last year, they bought two sets plasma machines from us, and this time they contacted a lot with our engineer directly. They also check our cnc router machines directly in our factory.And about our machine quality and design they are very satisfied, we both believe that we will have another new cooperation soon… APEXTECH CNC wish John’s business better and better, and wish our cooperation longer and longer…

— Mr. John & Mr. Hernan

On July 5th , 2018, Mr. Ahmad from Pakistan visited our factory about Double heads cnc router. During his visit, we teach him more about the NC Studio control system, and he operate himself well. About the Artcam software we also contact more, and he bought some small parts at our factory directly. As final, we believe when his machine reach his side, he will give us another order soon…
APEXTECH CNC wish Ahmad’s business better and better, and wish our cooperation longer and longer…

— Mr. Ahmad

On November 6th , 2017, Mr. Oscar  from  Tanzania visited our factory about CNC Router machine. During his visit, we made one sample design, engraving on mdf.  Named “Welcome Mr. Oscar, May God bless you”   It make Mr. Oscar very moved, and then we go to our office contacted more details about this cnc. As final, we confirmed the Proforma Invoice. And we believe we will have a good cooperation soon~

— Mr. Oscar

On 18th July, Mr.Shay and Mr.Maunies from Israel,come to visit our factory,and test their material he bring from their company in our factory. Firstly,they learn how cnc router and plasma cutting machine operate, highly appreciated our technology and best quality machines, they tell will buy our cnc machines more and more.

Then,we test laser machine on their material.Very good, and cutting fast speed. Best quality and fast speed, we all meet their demands. We will make good cooperation now and in the future.

— Mr.Maunies

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