How Much is a CNC Machine

What’s an engraving machine ?

Based on the processing principle, Engraving machine is a combination of drilling and milling, and the engraving machine has multiple data input modes as needed. There are two types of computer engraving machines: laser engraving and mechanical engraving, both of which have high power and low power. Because the application range of engraving machines is very wide, it is necessary to understand the most suitable application range of various engraving machines. Low power is only suitable for two-color boards, building models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts, etc., while carving jade, metal, etc., the power needs to be above 1500W. The high-power engraving machine can be used as a small-power engraving machine. It is most suitable for large-scale cutting, embossing and carving.

Configuration of engraving machine based on the motor and driver:

  1. Stepper driver + stepper motor The stepping system is currently the most used drive system on the market. The most popular is the three-phase hybrid stepping motor, which accounts for more than 90% of the market share. The reason is that the price is low and it is equipped with a high-segment drive. The effect is good. But the defects are also more obvious, such as: resonance, noise, increase in speed, decrease in torque, prone to losing steps after working for a long time, and excessive temperature rise of the motor. 
  2. Hybrid servo drive + motor The use of hybrid servo has not been popular in China. There are many reasons for this. There are not many foreign manufacturers of hybrid servo, and the price has no great advantage compared with AC servo. It can only be used in some special industries. Improvements include: improving high-speed performance, reducing heat generation, and reducing resonance.
  3. AC servo drive + AC servo motor The use of AC servo in engraving machines is still relatively small. The main reason is that the price is relatively high. In addition, the application of AC servo has certain requirements on the structure of the machine tool, electrical appliances, control system, and transmission system, just like the barrel principle, the shortest The board determines the amount of water in the barrel, so AC servos are generally used in high-end models. The AC servo has: fast response, large torque, high speed, high precision, low heat generation, continuous long-time work, complete alarm system, etc. Disadvantages: Different equipment needs different servo parameters, and the adjustment parameters require high-level technical engineers.

Now Let’s see our most popular 4030X-4 Axis CNC Stone Embroidery Machine Router:

AH 4030X-4 Axis CNC Stone Embroidery Machine Router is the 7th-generation 2021 upgraded version. It is installed with both embossed carving + three-dimensional engraving function. With its excellent engraving performance, it can meet the needs of the market. It is suitable for use in factories, processing workshops, studios, and families.

Jade engraving machine, we also call it gemstone engraving machine, jade automatic engraving machine, jade processing equipment, jade cutting machine, four-axis linkage engraving machine, handicraft engraving machine, bead engraving machine, jade carving machine, small engraving machine, CNC jade engraving machine, mini jade Engraving machine, jewelry engraving machine, computer jade engraving machine, diy jade engraving machine, three-dimensional jade engraving machine, small household jade engraving machine, professional jade engraving machine etc.

How Much is a CNC Machine of 4030X-4 Axis CNC Stone:

  • Model: 4030X-4 Axis CNC Stone Embroidery Machine Router
  • Category: engraving machine
  • Brand: APEXTECH
  • Standard Price: $5,660/set
  • Price Range: $5,660-$9,590/set
  • Supply Ability: 15 sets in stock! From JinanAPEX CNC Technology Co., Ltd
  • Payment terms: L/C(Letter of Credit), T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Paypal
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Advantages of 4030X Stone Engraving Tools CNC Router Machine:

  1. APEXTECH’s latest 7th generation jade carving machine AH4030X is an evolutionary upgrade from the 6th generation. 
  2. The 7th generation machine is added to the latest patented cooling water tank, which can be added for a long time without being affected by the environment. The 7th generation jade carving machine is still innovative in appearance, and it is more atmospheric and stable. The 7th generation computer jade carving machine is also better than the 6th generation machine in terms of carving. This jade processing equipment is a good helper for your processing. 
  3. AH4030X 4Axis Custom Engraved Garden Stones CNC Router upgraded multi-function engraving machine Four-axis linkage technology, three-dimensional plane multi-function 2 in 1, using a new four-axis CNC system to solve the problem of stiff engraving effect and manual secondary repair. 
  4. Suitable to a wide range of materials: jade carving, wood carving, metal carving, glass carving, olive pit carving etc.
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Application of 4030X Stone Engraving Tools CNC Router Machine:

Applicable materials: stone, wood, substitute wood, metal, man-made materials, etc. Uses/applications: It can be used for carving and processing complex models of root carving, various jade and stone, suitable for processing three-dimensional craft models such as statues, portraits, animals, landscapes, etc.
how much is a cnc machine how much is a cnc machine how much is a cnc machine

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