Mini 5 Axis CNC Machine

Mini 5 Axis CNC Machine

Introduction of Mini 5 Axis CNC Machine:

  • Model:  APEX DK520-5 axis cnc machine
  • Category: Wood Stone Cnc Router
  • Brand: APEXTECH
  • Standard Price: $10,560/set
  • Price Range: $10,560-$16,880/set
  • Supply Ability: 15 sets in stock! From Jinan APEX CNC Technology Co., Ltd
  • Payment terms: L/C(Letter of Credit), T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Paypal

DK520 is a mini 5 axis cnc machine, five-axis linkage swing engraving worktable, the engraving effect is more flexible, no need to repair by hand. Mini body design, the size is like a small refrigerator, you can enter the door, you can enter the elevator. The upper body is the main body of the engraving machine, and the lower body is the main shaft cooling water tank and the engraving processing parts spray water circulating water tank cabinet, with casters, making it easier to move. The fully enclosed processing warehouse design is more silent and environmentally friendly. The operating system uses a five-axis smart touch screen, 10.4-inch touch screen, which is more flexible and intuitive.

mini 5 axis cnc machine

Advantages of Mini 5 Axis CNC Machine:

  1. Each axis is with independent driver,totally 5 independent drivers for 5 axis, bring high accuracy, speedy heat dissipation, longer using life, stable and efficient signal transmission. 
  2. Support USB connection, easy to operate. 
  3. Free test G-code is provided. 
  4. Larger step motor for A and B axis,which can hold the A,B axis steady without vibration when machining aluminum and other harder materials. 
  5. Designing Software with English Version provided and Post-processing is provided free.
  6. Special G-code programme designing can be provided at 200USD (take 5-7days to make it)

mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine

Parameters of Mini 5 Axis CNC Machine:

  1. It can work with 3D Sculpture by 4 axis / 5 axis, just as you like !
  2. Integrated high-speed micro computer intelligent control chip.
  3. With external digital LCD monitor controller.
  4. The working process can be tracked, recorded in the digital LCD monitor automatically.
  5. Intelligent 5 axis software with the core technology.
  6. Built in frequencey converter and with controller box.
  7. Cross slippery platform design rather than gantry design.
  8. Aluminum base sheet is heavy which can make sure no vibration when work.
  9. With auto-checking function.
  10. 800W water-cooled spindle.
  11. Imported Ball screw.
  12. CE approved.
  13. Video trainging support.
  14. English manual available.

mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine

Application of Mini 5 Axis CNC Machine:

This mini 5 axis CNC machine can process jade signs, characters, inkstones, molds, figure reliefs, landscape paintings reliefs, Yin carvings, etc. at one time. Suitable materials: jade, Hetian jade, Xiu jade, agate, yellow dragon jade, pebbles, crystal, glass, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals, amber, shells, wood, man-made materials, etc.

Applicable materials: stone, wood, substitute wood, metal, man-made materials, etc. Uses/applications: It can be used for carving and processing complex models of root carving, various jade and stone, suitable for processing three-dimensional craft models such as statues, portraits, animals, landscapes, etc.

mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine mini 5 axis cnc machine

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