4 Axis Mini CNC Machine

4 Axis Mini CNC Machine

Introduction of 4 Axis Mini CNC Machine:

FK10 4 Axis Mini CNC Machine is a small and mini three-dimensional flat desktop engraving machine, which is very suitable for engraving beads, fret beads, bracelet beads, Buddhist beads, three-dimensional ornaments, handles, pendants, rings, fingers, etc.  Applicable materials: jade, wood, substitute wood, metal, man-made materials, etc.

4 axis mini cnc machine

Advantages of 4 Axis Mini CNC Machine:

  1. The fuselage adopts a one-piece filter water tank design, no need to install an external water bucket (it is convenient for some material products processing and cooling tools).
  2. The processing table has a fully enclosed design, which is very quiet and environmentally friendly. The window is closed during processing, so there is no need to worry about noisy noise.
  3. The operating system adopts a special jade carving system, handle control, and convenient operation. The tool setting can be completed in 10 seconds, and the carving can be continued at a break point, and the processing speed can be paused at any time.
  4. The funnel-type drainage/chip design of the processing table makes it convenient to drain and easy to clean.

4 axis mini cnc machine

4 axis mini cnc machine

Parameters of 4 Axis Mini CNC Machine:

  1. K10 desktop 4 Axis Mini CNC Machine, the maximum size of three-dimensional processing: Φ60*L90mm, the maximum size of plane processing: 100*80*40mm.
  2. The overall body is mini and practical, and the appearance is stylish and beautiful, does not occupy space, and can be used in a variety of scenarios.
  3. The main structure adopts the integral casting method, which can make the machine tool not deform for a long time, and ensure the high rigidity and high vibration resistance of the machine tool during processing, so that the processing accuracy is more accurate, and the hard material will not be affected by the vibration of the machine body.
  4. The equipment is driven by a well-known domestic brand motor and imported guide rails, with high precision, good wear resistance and good vibration damping, ensuring the accuracy and effect of processing.
  5. The fuselage is made of high-quality all-white paint, stylish and atmospheric, and it is very beautiful when placed in homes, apartments, studios, and stores.

4 axis mini cnc machine 4 axis mini cnc machine 4 axis mini cnc machine 4 axis mini cnc machine 4 axis mini cnc machine 4 axis mini cnc machine

Applications of 4 Axis Mini CNC Machine:

Applicable materials: stone, wood, substitute wood, metal, man-made materials, etc. 
Uses/applications: carving and processing of various jade complex models, suitable for processing three-dimensional models of human figures, animals, landscapes, etc.

4 axis mini cnc machine 4 axis mini cnc machine

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