Types of CNC Machine

In principle, the engraving machine is a combination of drilling and milling. Instead of manually working machines by entering data. There are mainly two types of CNC Machine: laser engraving machines and mechanical engraving machines, both of which are high-power and low-power, so they are widely used.

Types of CNC Machine: 

CNC Engraving machines are mainly divided into woodworking engraving machines, tombstone engraving machines, laser engraving machines, advertising engraving machines, jade engraving machines, stone engraving machines, cylindrical engraving machines, mold engraving machines, micro engraving machines, and pcb circuit board engraving machines. 

Application Industry of CNC Machine:

The main applications are Advertising industry, craft industry, mold industry, electronics industry, construction industry, printing and packaging industry, wood industry, decoration industry and other industries, the consumables that can be engraved include acrylic organic board, PVC board, hibiscus board, two-color board, wood board, density board , Marble, fireproof board, rubber board, glass, generally serve advertising companies, decoration companies, hotels, hospitals, schools, hotels, office buildings, bathing centers, enterprises, etc.

Now Let’s see 5 Types of CNC Router Machine Together:

# 1 CNC Machine 1325 Liner ATC:

1325 ATC CNC Wood Routing Services Near Me CNC Machine has a stronger machine frame and is equiped with auto tool changer and auto feeding device, this design is mainly for high efficiency. This 1325 ATC CNC Wood Routing Services Near Me CNC Machine pickes up bits on pre-settings, complete complex wood working without man stand nearby.

types of cnc machine

  1. Linear tool changer under gantry saves more time than that at the backend; 
  2. ATC air cooling spindle changes tools with no machine stopping and manual assistant; 
  3. Quality CNC Kits makes machine run well and long life time; 
  4. Automatic feeding device saves the time and effort of manual feeding; 
  5. Dust collecting system makes woodworking place cleaner; 
  6. Heavy Duty CNC Router with Automatic Feeding Device is an upgrade of ATC CNC, there is auto feeding device dragging plate material on position, such as MDF, plywood, wood panel. It enhances ATC’s automate woodworking.

# 2 CNC Router Best Economical Pneumatic ATC 4×8:

This 4×8 CNC Router Best Economical Pneumatic ATC CNC Router with 3 Axis is 4 processes CNC router machine, which is suitable for the processing requirements of changing a variety of tools. No manual tool change is required during the machining process, and the program is automatically executed.

Best Economical Pneumatic ATC CNC Router with 3 Axis

  1. Its main features are including low investment, high profit, low maintenance and easy operation. 
  2. This machine also can be equipped with a rotary device, which can not only do flat engraving, but also can do some three-dimensional engraving. 
  3. It is a multi-spindle engraving machine with 4 spindles. The 4 spindles are automatically changed according to the processing requirements, which greatly saves the time of manual tool change and also improves the production efficiency accordingly.
  4. With air cooling spindle, and the working speed can reach to 18000RPM for per minutes. 
  5. 4 spindles CNC is much more economic than ATC, so it is good model to choose if you are in furniture industry. 
  6. With heavy-duty frame and gantry; the machine was designed for durable. 
  7. Adopting automatic tool sensor, it can save more time and increase efficiency.
  8. Widely used in the decorative industry, wood products industry and furniture industry.

# 3 YB1200 Big Size 5th Axis Jade Carving CNC Router, suitable to wood, stone,aluminium.

5 Axis CNC Engraving Router-YB12005 Axis CNC Machine Sculpture-YB1200 Stone CNC Router

This 5 axis CNC Machine-YB1200 horizontal engraving cnc router is a handicraft engraving machine specially designed for engraving three-dimensional complex ornaments. This three-dimensional jade carving machine: the bed base, the frame, and the column beams are all casted in one piece, with good rigidity and stability. With imported servo system and high-precision transmission components, it has high processing accuracy and stable operation. Adopting Professional jade carving machine controller, the system is designed in one piece, easy to operate and powerful. The whole machine also adopts full-range protection of precision sheet metal parts, with a more beautiful appearance, and more effectively maintains the environmental sanitation of the site and Personnel safety. Suitable for processing three-dimensional models of portraits, animals, landscapes, etc.

#4 SH400 Wire Cutting CNC Machine, mainly on wire cutting the precious stone material.

SH400 Wire Cutting CNC Router for Jade cnc machine cost SH400 Wire Cutting CNC Router for Jade

SH400 Jade Wire Cutting Machine is a wire cutting machine specially developed for jade/crystal gemstone cutting. We use 0.33-0.45mm emery wire cutting to save material and protect the stone material, and the cutting effect is flat and smooth, which is 5 times of saving stone material than water cutting/oil cutting. Mini body, fully enclosed workbench design, very clean and environmentally friendly, with low noise, very suitable for personal studios, family workshops, factories, etc. Using a self-developed handle operating system, the operation is simple and convenient, and it can be learned in 20 minutes. The specially developed counterweight tightening method is adopted, the tensioning force is stable and reliable, the precision is higher, and no air compressor is required.

# 5 AH 5030-4 Axis Engraving CNC Stone Router:

5030 CNC engraving machine can process jade signs, characters, inkstones, molds, figure reliefs, landscape paintings reliefs, Yin carvings, etc. at one time. Suitable materials: jade, Hetian jade, Xiu jade, agate, yellow dragon jade, pebbles, crystal, glass, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals, amber, shells, wood, man-made materials, etc.

AH 5030-4 Axis Engraving CNC Stone RouterAH 5030-4 Axis Engraving CNC Stone Router

APEXTECH multifunctional AH 5030-4 Axis Engraving CNC Stone Router is self-developed, cnc machine with patented tool setting, 10 seconds to complete all steps, processing at the nearest point, continuous engraving at a break point, with better functions and more stable performance. AH 5030-4 Axis Engraving CNC Stone Router upgraded multi-function engraving machine Four-axis linkage technology, three-dimensional plane multi-function 2 in 1, using a new four-axis CNC system to solve the problem of stiff engraving effect and manual secondary repair. Adapt to a wide range of materials: jade carving, wood carving, metal carving, glass carving, olive pit carving.

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