Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools

Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools

wood carving wood engraving tools

Introduction of Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools:

This Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools is a high-speed, automatic load/unload, heavy-duty CNC routing system for nested based feed through machining. This CNC machine is used majorly in the production of cabinets, closets, and custom furniture.

  • Model:                            1325 Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools
  • Category:                       Wood CNC Machine
  • Brand:                             SYSKCNC
  • Standard Price:             USD 13,500
  • Price Range:                   USD 13,500 – USD 21,000 
  • Warranty:                        1.5 year
  • Delivery Time:                15 working days
  • Supply Ability:                30 SET/ MONTH
  • Payment Terms:             T/T 30% in advance and the balance paid before shipping

wood carving wood engraving tools

Parameters of Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools:

  • Double workbench, equipped with 9KW Italy  aircooling spindle. More than 80 pcs board be done per day.
  • Drill bank fits series drilling size to accomplish different holes.
  • The software is with layout optimization.
  • With auto loading and unloading system, could semi- automatically load the sheet to the working table and push the processing table plate after it is finished, which is convenient for the operator to take the material, and saves time, and the efficiency is greatly improved.


1325, 1530,2040 (Auto Feeding Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools)

2).Processing Size

1300*2500 ,1500*3000, 2000*4000mm


9KW HSD/HQD Aircooling Spindle, 24000RPM

4).Spindle Speed


5).Positioning Accuracy 


6).Motor and Driver

Dongrong 1.5kw Large Power Servo Motor and Driver

7).Operating Controller

Taiwan LNC Controller with LCD screen, English version

8)Transmission Form

High precision TBI Ballscrew

9).Machine Frame

Heavy Dusty Wholly Casting Steel

10).Main Function

Carving, milling, drilling, engraving, slotting

11).Command Laguage

G Code, M Code

12).Working Voltage

AC380V/50HZ, 3PH ; 220V/60Hz,3PH; AC440V/50HZ, 3PH

13). Machine Table

Aluminium T-Plate Extrusion Combined Bakellite Vacuum Table

wood carving wood engraving tools wood carving wood engraving tools wood carving wood engraving tools wood carving wood engraving tools wood carving wood engraving tools wood carving wood engraving tools wood carving wood engraving tools wood carving wood engraving tools wood carving wood engraving tools

Application of Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools:

This full-automatic Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools for Cabinet closet door furniture production has multi-functions of carving, engraving, milling, slotting, grooving, cutting, chamfer edge.

Full automatic Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools is mainly used in the furniture making industry, especially cabinet closet and door industries.

  • The Frame or frameless cabinet construction
  • Entertainment units
  • Kitchen cabinets, islands and peninsulas
  • Closets: Walk-ins, Reach-ins, Entries, Pantries
  • Angled and radius cabinets and countertops
  • Vanities
  • Bookcases
  • Home office workstations
  • Fine custom cabinetry… and much more

Operation of Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools:

Step 1 of What kind of wood do you use to make cabinet doors: selecting material

The first thing to consider for how to build cabinet doors is to select materials. Today we are discussing how to build cabinet doors with wood, so there will be no further details on how to build cabinet doors of metal, glass and other materials.

Wood cabinet doors usually adopt materials like solid wood, particle board, melamine board, plywood, MDF, etc. Cabinet doors made of different materials have different characteristics. You may select the materials according to your production needs or customer requirements.

Step 2 of how to make cabinet doors: designing, carving, cutting

Once selecting the material, you can start the cabinet door making. In this step to build cabinet doors, I recommend a CNC router for cabinet door designing, cutting and engraving.

Workflow of using 1325 ATC cnc router center to make furniture cabinet doors

CNC Router With Auto Nesting Software Operation

#1: Design cabinet door patterns

You can use the CNC router software to make designs for custom cabinet doors. There are two types of CNC router software used in this process, i.e. CAD and CAM. CAD software is to turn the cabinet door style in your mind into a digital drawing. And then import the CAD drawing into the CAM software. The CAM software will automatically generate a G code and transmit the G code to the controller of the 1325 Wood Carving Wood Engraving Tools.

#2: Load a wood panel onto the worktable Select a smooth and flawless wood panel and load it onto the worktable of the machining center. The machine center has automatic loading assistance rollers, which helps with the panel loading. The full vacuum table is capable for securing the panel firmly.

#3: Start the cnc router machine. After completion of the design and loading process, start the machine center to make cabinet doors. The subsequent engraving and cutting work is achieved automatically by the machining center automatically, so you can just monitor the machining process. The high automation degree significantly increases the cabinet door making efficiency.

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